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-The Other Side of Sleep by Maxine Cassin

The Other Side of Sleep by Maxine Cassin

The Other Side of Sleep
by Maxine Cassin
Selected Poems with Photography
by Clarence J. Laughlin & J.K. Potter
ISBN 0-916620-50-6
144 pages $20

Maxine Cassin earned an M.A. from Sophie Newcomb College. She was one of the founders of The New Orleans Poetry Journal Press. Her other collections are A Touch of Recognition and Turnip's Blood. This collection compiles over 30 years of poetic work.

"In The Other Side of Sleep, the poet expertly leads us, against a background of cosmic darkness, through the world of light and the daily flickerings of the body. These are bright poems about mail, neighbors, tea kettles, dandelions, cats, and canaries, and about the mind's shining, too, books and ideas that 'beckon like fixed stars.' This is an extraordinary collection by Maxine Cassin, a gifted observer whose language is both witty and wise, and whose understanding of our lives of wakefulness is deep and precise." - Sue Owen, author of The Book of Winter.